I am Ephrem, an event photographer specializing in wedding photography. 

I hold a massive passion for photography. In recent years I’ve been deeply evolved with my profession that is covering wedding photography. I truly believe that. Photography is my mode of communication. Just how poets want to express their love for something by mere words similarly I want to express my notions and vision through my photography. Photography and Art are co-related and by my family and wedding portfolio, I try to depict that concoction.  I always have this thought circulating regarding my job that each event is distinct from the previous one and it is astounding to witness that I hold more enthusiasm compare to the previous one that I cover. That’s the beauty of photography, More is never suffice.

My mission

Through my equipment, my mission is to provide physical evidence of the love that exists in a couple. I hope that my photographs will serve as a tangible reminder of the love that people hold for one another. While hanging on the walls on your 10th anniversary or even the silver or golden jubilee of your marriage. I want the couple to feel the love can be outpoured through the images. I hope all these photos serve as a source of strength in stressful times of your marriage. They remind you of your spiritual vows to each other and renews the seed of love and make you realize how life was and can still be beautiful in the same manner as of that day. I want your children to look upon these hanging pictures and believe in the fact that love is more like a legacy passed from one family to another.

My vision

Vision is the unseen that a person is capable to look for only by himself as it does not hold a physical reality. It holds a diverse meaning that can either be in the form of a thought, a message, an idea, a concept. Vision forms the core foundation of photography. Vision is an inspiration that turns into a reality. I think photography is my core tool for expressing my vision. Every photographer’s job is to make their vision turn into reality. My vision for photography is that it is a conduit for not just me but my beloved clients. Therefore, I always strive to make my photographs, rare and unique since every human being is unique in its own way. My vision is to make my picture the source of reflection of the character my respective clients. Aleph Net is not just a platform for me, but a conduit for my beloved clients too. I solely believe in the fact that photography is the medium to demonstrate your story by making using of your vision.

Our core values

For anyone who is about to set up a venture or plan for their big day deserves to have means that make that particular experience tranquilizing and facile. Anyone who is seeking to hire a photographer for their big day. Simply ask yourself whether you feel comfortable enough to hang around them or share your intimate moments with them. If the answer is no then moving on instead of regretting later that you should have chosen the one you had a better communication with. For people who chose not to work with me is completely understandable and the most correcting factor me. To me what matters most about my job is to define my core values that are to make my clients feel at home. I try to develop similar complementary values with my clients and try to understand them better to eradicate the perspective differences. My core values are to earn maximum credibility of my respective clients.

Why Choose Us

A wedding is the most prestigious event for almost everyone. Various components need to be addressed in a wedding shoot. There is so much that needs to be taken into consideration while appointing a photographer for your big day.  But don’t worry, you are in the right place

The most important one is the expense. We offer exclusive packages for our couples known as silver,gold and platinium.They are cost-friendly that cover major and minor moments of your special day. We offer multiple locations, high-resolution images that are edited on the disc with every color along with feature of BW. We use topline equipment with the aggregation of lens, flashes, lighting, shutter, etc.You are allowed to capture as many images that you desire for from 100-200 altogether and even 300-400 in our gold package. We are proud to offer a high-end, luxurious album with all of your pictures to keep it as a memory for a lifetime. Photos turn out much better when presented in a story format. We make use of a candid approach as we believe it keeps the vibe fresh forever. Our photography makes use of dark and rustic combinations to make it look like a canvas to  reflect an everlasting effect